E.C.A Denise arctic sport watch

The Denise Arctic sports, one of the eye-catching watch I have seen. This diver watch is so beautiful and luxurious, from renowned watchmaking company E.C. Anderson. It designed with functionality and sophistication in mind. Its design, features, and using materials all are indicating that it’s a perfect watch for professional divers. We have to accept the watch is also suitable for all kinds of sports. It will be your perfect companion when you will go to explore the sea.

Other watches from E.C. Anderson’s Denise and GL Kontra-Gauss GMT all are nice but I am really impressed on the Denise Arctic sports watch. All Denise watches design are the same but this is special to me for its color. Its white ceramic bezel and snow-white dial impressed me. The white solid hands and hour markers with black line border it’s killer. The 40 mm display is erupting the beauty. A crystal Sapphier glass used on the display to protect it. The white bezel also made from anti-scratch ceramic.

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E.C.A denise arctic sport watch

Illuminated hands, numbers on the bezel, and all markers are readable in every situation even in dark. The fine power reserve indicator displays, how much power stored within the in-house regulated movement.

ECANE01 movement used in this watch with more than 50 hours of power reserve capacity. This movement is Seiko NE57 based, in-house modified, and calibrated to the standard of high accuracy. It is precision certified.

The water resistance capacity is 200 meters, it means the watch able to withstand the pressure of 20 Atmospheres. 20 Atmospheres means 20 times the normal air pressure at the sea level. It’s quite good for professional divers. No helium escape valve used in the watch.

The Denise Arctic Sport watch would not complete without the Italian rubber strap. Different textured straps are can be used. It has also an option to use bracelet instead of the rubber textured strap.

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