Best affordable watch brands

It is not unknown the real value of having a watch in our life. Knowing time is easy but has a big impact on our life. Time is valuable and we count this valuable time by the watch. Nowadays a watch does not just tell us about the time but more than that.  

Now the question is “when it is essential how do we buy good and fashionable watches at an affordable price”? The answer and good news are we enlisted the best affordable watch brands in this article. Just scroll down and see the best affordable watch brands.

 When it is essential, people of every stage use watches. Wearing a watch is also a reflection of your unique fashion. We all want a watch with good quality and a nice design. And it’s relevant. Sometimes we search on google to see beautiful watches and we take some knowledge from the internet to buy watch weather It is luxury or quartz. Most people think an eye-catching brand watch will be more expensive. Yes, some nice watches are very expensive. But the good news is that we are going to be introduced some popular watch brands which are making high-quality watches with beautiful designs at affordable prices for men and women both. If you want good quality and nice designed watch I’ll say you are in the right place. Some Swiss watch brands enlisted in our list, so who has a dream to buy luxury Swiss watch this article will be helpful to him or her too.

What does affordable actually mean?

It has no actual limit. Which watch is purchasable in your limit is affordable for you. When a cost, not a burden on you and don’t pressure in your life and basic needs its affordable for you. In this article, I assumed a higher limit that is $1000. It is maximum, you will find some watches from these enlisted brands which are less than $500 and $300.

Alpina: Who wants to buy a Swiss watch at a reasonable price I think Alpina is one of the best affordable watch brand. They have been making watches since 1883. Now its headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland. Who wants sportive looks good watch Alpina is the best. The company produces both quartz and automatic movements. They have also the watch for sports, aviation and women watches. Not all of the watches of Alpina is affordable but many eye-catching watches are here at affordable price. 

Seiko: The famous Japanese watch brand. They also produce both quartz and mechanical movement watches for many years. This renowned company earned so much popularity and goodwill all over the world. Men and women both can choose their watches from this brand. Sportive look, dress watch, and many kinds of nicely designed watches are available in the brand. This brand also has so many affordable watches alongside expensive watches.

Victorinox: Victorinox was famous for producing Swiss army knife. From 1989, This company began developing watches. Victronix watches are well-priced. Divers, pilot, chronograph, sportive, and classic look watches are there. Durability and accuracy both are very good of Victorinox watches. 

Stuhrling:  This famous American watch company founded in 1999 in New york. They have been producing watches in a different design. Well-designed Mechanical, Quartz, and tourbillon watches they introduced. Stuhrling watches are mostly famous for unique and beautiful designs. Very comfortable and fashionable watches they have. Majority Stuhrling watches are at a reasonable price.

Casio: Another famous Japanese watch brand. Different style watches available there. You will find casual, sportive, chronograph, and dress watch. Casio is also famous for digital watches. Casio digital watch also one of the highest sold digital watches all over the world.

Tissot: It’s common that you have heard this name so many times. Tissot introduced the first watch with two-time zone in 1853. 

It’s famous for its T-touch technology which was introduced in 1999. If you visit Tissot official site you will see huge numbers of the chronograph, sports, and digital watches. Quartz and Automatic movement with the well-designed collection.

Triwa: Transforming the industry of watches(Triwa) founded in 2007. They started their journey with a purpose. That is to transform the watch into a modern style symbol through a combination of classic silhouettes and contemporary Scandinavian simplicity. I really like the design of all watches from Triwa. 

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